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  • Octane Fitness Elliptical Trainers Q35 Elliptical Machine. Free Shipping and we ship very fast. Gently USED.

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    Along with the Life Fitness x5i, the Octane q35 Elliptical features adjustable stride length from 18-23" , and has many good and usable features, good durability and some options that put it ahead of competitors models Features Model: Q35 series  Make: Octane Fitness Type: Elliptical Console: Standard Dedicated Logic: Dedicated Logic was created to give you the ultimate in ease of use and total Programming flexibility for programming your console. This allows you to modify your workout once you’ve started. You can even start your workout, then program the electronics. This ease of use starts by giving each key only one function. This makes it easy to understand how each key works. X-Mode: It's like having a personal trainer coaching you. It is a great way to take advantage of the variety your elliptical cross trainer offers. X-Mode works in any program—simply push the button to activate. Electronically Adjustable Stride (18"-23") Adjustable Stride Length (Smart stride) My Quick Start 1 & 2: Remembers Settings for program, time, level, age and weight. Primary Keys: Quick Start * Cool Down * Pause / Clear * Up and Down Keys: Program (+ and –) * Time (+ and –) * Level (+ and –) * Weight (+ and –) * Age (+ and –) * Programs: Manual * Random * Interval * Hill * 10k * Fat Burn * Cardio * Heart Rate Interval * Heart Rate Hill * Heart Rate Speed Interval * Variable Stride Programs: Starter * PowerWalk * Stride Interval * Dual Direction * Arm Blaster * LED Readouts: Time Elapsed * Time in Heart Rate Zone * Distance * Speed (rpm). * Calories * Stride * Resistance Level (1-20) * Heart Rate * Heart Rate % * Target Heart Rate * X-Mode: 8 Options Push/Arms: Focus on pushing with your arms to work your chest and triceps. * Pull/Arms: Focus on pulling with your arms to work your biceps and lats. * Reverse: Pedal backwards to change the muscle focus on your entire lower body. * Squat: Bend slightly at the knees. You’ll feel this one in your quadriceps and gluts in no time! * Lower Body: Only Either hold the stationary handlebars or naturally swing your arms. * Fast: Pick up the pace—we recommend 50 - 60 rpm, but you should find your own comfort level. * Slow: Slow down to allow yourself to recover. We recommend 30 - 40 rpm. * Lean Back: Grab the stationary handlebars and lean slightly backwards, changing the muscle focus on your lower body. You will feel this in your quadriceps. * GluteKicker: An aggressive subset of X-Mode that is focused on your gluts, hips and thighs. It uses four modes; reverse, squat, fast and lean back. GluteKicker sessions last for one minute, with  a one minute rest period