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  • Bowflex Power Pro XT- Home Gym. Gently USED Exercise Machine.

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    This is a Gently USED Bowflex Power Pro XT. It is used but excellent Some of the features are built-in Aerobic rowing, leg press and seat hamstring curls. It folds just perfect for storage and it has  transportation wheels. The sealed bearing pulleys are silky smooth and designed for years of quiet workouts. Your Bowflex comes with five pairs of power rods in weight ratings of 5, 10, 10, 30, and 50 pounds, for a total of 210 pounds. You can add up to 410 pounds if you want. Some of the exercises include: Lat pulldown, Rev. grip pull, seat row, one arm row, lying pulldown, close grip pulls, lat pull modified, scapular retreact,  Lat fly, low back ext, stiff arm pull, chest fly, bench press, shoulder press, shoulder shrug, incline press, resisted punch, etc.