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    With biomechanically correct pedal spacing, the Octane Q37c allows for ultimate comfort and less joint tension, giving you the most natural-feeling elliptical workout each and every time. The Octane Q37c features patented converging path handlebars, making this elliptical one-of-a-kind in the industry. The Octane Q37c converging handlebars have MultiGrip functionality and feature fingertip controls, heart rate sensors and moving handlebar lock-out. Stationary handlebars are also featured to provide more stability during focused lower-body workouts. The Octane Q37c has 8 workout programs and 20 resistance levels providing you with lots of variety. The Octane Q37c includes preset resistance such as manual, beginner and custom interval, goal programs for calories and distance, and workout boosters like X-Mode personal trainer and coach. While the Q36c is geared for those just beginning to experience what unprecedented elliptical trainers can do, the Q37c from Octane Fitness is for those who consider themselves a bit more seasoned and ready to step their exercise regimen up a few notches. It’s about getting even better results in less time, and through challenges that invigorate and motivate, rather than bore or stagnate. At the end of the day, Octane Fitness is known from Beijing to Boston for pushing the envelope of elliptical manufacturing. It’s the reason they’ve been voted #1 by certain consumer watch dogs in the industry. The Q37c can boast of being the only one on the market that has converging path handlebars.


    CROSS CiRCUIT: Off-machine exercises to help you focus on developing a solid core and shaping and toning the legs

    Body-Mapping Ergonomics and QuadLink Drive: Octane's signature motion, delivering supremely comfortable natural movement and flow, both forward and backward, without stress on your joints

    GluteKicker: Workout booster that challenges you to target your glutes, hips and thighs with intervals of intense lower-body moves

    Stationary handlebars: Take your arms out of play, focusing all your efforts on building core and leg strength while engaging the numerous workout boosters

    1.8" pedal spacing: The industry's most natural pedal spacing mimics human biomechanics and provides optimal comfort while minimizing stress on your lower back

    Low step-up height: Makes getting on and off effortless; great for low-ceiling rooms

    Space-efficient footprint: Significantly shorter than other premium ellipticals or treadmills; fits conveniently in your space

    20.5" stride length: Comfortable for both forward and backward motion

    Upper Body: CROSS CiRCUIT

    Innovative exercises that target frequent trouble spots such as biceps and triceps

    Core muscle recruitment: Builds stability and balance and enhances core body strength, improving overall health and wellness

    Powerbands: Multiple anchor points further expand the CROSS CiRCUIT routine with greater variety of exercises

    ArmBlaster: A rigorous workout targeting the upper body for toning and conditioning

    Converging Path handlebars with MultiGrip: Strengthen and tone the upper-body with Octane-exclusive handlebars that deliver a natural upper-body motion and offer a variety of hand positions to reduce stress and fatigue from repetitive motion

    Ergonomic path of travel and low pivot point: Distribute more of the workload to the upper body and core for greater muscle conditioning

    Stationary handlebars: For when you're ready to reduce intensity, during cool downs or for extra assistance when stepping on and off the machine


    DedicatedLogic: One button, one job makes programming your workout easy

    Auto QuickStart: "Get on and go" without having to press any buttons or program any workouts

    My QuickStart: Saves your favorite routines for easy retrieval in future workouts

    MOM Mode: Movement management feature that promotes family safety and provides peace of mind for parents by disabling console buttons and restricting movement so little ones cannot easily move arms and pedals

    X-Mode: Octane's virtual personal trainer with 8 challenging prompts to inspire numerous cross training movements to get your entire body working

    ArmBlaster: Workout booster alternates steady resistance sessions with rigorous intervals of upper-body repetitions, leaving all muscles better conditioned

    GluteKicker: Workout booster challenges you to target your glutes, hips and thighs with intervals of intense lower-body moves

    CROSS CiRCUIT: Innovative new workouts that integrate on-machine cardio sessions with off-machine strength sets to give you an effective, efficient, fun workout every time

    Digital contact heart rate sensors: Located on the stationary or moving handlebars, these sensors provide accurate, immediate feedback to keep you working

    Pre-programmed and customizable interval programs: Select a proven routine or design your own aerobic and anaerobic workouts to shape and tone your body

    Variable stride workouts: Jump-start exercise by uniquely combining stride length, direction and resistance for optimum results

    Unique 30:30 interval workout: Octane's innovative program alternating 30-second sprints with 30-second recovery periods; measure your fitness level with the heart rate recovery score and see your fitness improve over time

    Customizable goal programs: Challenge yourself with calorie burn or 'distance' goals, customizable to meet your fitness plan

    Heart rate-controlled programs: Equipped with HeartLogic Intelligence and variety of interactive heart rate programs

    Product Specifications

    Resistance levels: 20

    Number of programs: 8

    Pedal spacing: 1.8"

    Low step-up height: 4"

    Max User Weight: 300 lbs

    Weight: 220 lbs

    Footprint: 30" x 65"

    Footprint – live area: 33" x 76"