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  • Octane AirDyne X

    $1,499.99 $1,349.99

    This is an Octane AirDyne X  Commercial fan bike. It is new and assembled.  Local pick up is fine otherwise we can ship it to you. Go to check out.

    Octane AirdyneX

    The all new, full commercial grade, AirdyneX takes the iconic Airdyne Pro and adapts it for vigorous use. Building on the Airdyne’s long heritage of innovation and performance, the self-powered AirdyneX boasts Octane’s trademark durability, with heavy-duty construction and a moisture-repellent frame.

    With a user-defined pace and resistance, the AirdyneX accommodates all exercisers; from beginners to athletes. High-intensity interval training programs include 20/10 interval, 30/90 interval and custom routines, where exercisers can challenge themselves to bury the needle on the console tachometer.

    26-blade performance fan

    Performance drive system

    Single-stage belt for instant activation

    Smooth motion

    HIIT training

    Calibration technology

    Essential workout stats and tachometer

    Moisture-repellent, double-coated steel body construction

    Biomechanically correct positioning

    Fore/aft seat and height adjustments

    Oversized, cushioned seat

    Anti-slip, triple-sided foot pegs

    Cordless operation

    Air Diverter Included


    Product Features:

    Console Technology
    Simple and intuitive to navigate, the digital display delivers essential stats at users fingertips. Get into a program at the push of a button; track performance in heart rate, RPM, distance, watts and calories.
    Plus, the tachometer visually signals how hard the user is exercising and provides the average calorie burn per minute. Users will indulge in the compulsion to push harder to bury the needle! This handy, motivational tool keeps users giving it all they've got!

    Keep an eye on the addictive tachometer that visually signals how hard you’re exercising and provides the average calorie burn per minute – and indulge the compulsion to push harder to bury the needle!
    This handy, motivational tool keeps you giving it all you’ve got.

    Upper-Body Workout
    Total-body exercise offers greater caloric burn and superior conditioning. With the cushioned Multi-Grip handlebars, users can choose from horizontal and vertical placement options to target different muscles and enhance comfort.
    Plus, users can periodically focus exclusively on the upper body by placing their feet on the stationary anti-slip foot pegs with triple-sided grip pads for traction.

    Customized Comfort
    Precisely designed for extra comfort, the AirdyneX bike has multiple adjustment options to accommodate different size users. Users can adjust the oversized cushioned seat forward and backward as well as up and down.
    Biomechanically correct positioning delivers proper knee placement for maximum engagement with each pedal stroke for exceptional effectiveness.

    Performance Fan
    Unbeatable in delivering progressive wind resistance and smooth motion, the AirdyneX bike is equipped with a premium, 26-blade performance fan and a weighted inertia ring that ensure that your output maximizes your input and help deliver safe start-ups and slow-downs.
    The performance fan is the heart and the distinctive asset of the AirdyneX bike.

    Efficient Belt Drive
    A single-stage belt drive system leverages every ounce of your effort to generate resistance – with minimal loss of power for significantly greater efficiency.
    Plus, the belt drive offers smoother, quieter movement for more comfortable sweat sessions without distractions.More Watt Power

    Exercisers burn more calories on the AirdyneX bike compared to another fan bike at the same RPM*. The custom designed performance fan enables them to generate more watt power efficiently. That means greater motivation and results.

    aAirdyneX Fan v. A Leading Competitor
    It’s simple to see why the AirdyneX bike is superior. With its custom-designed, 26-blade performance fan and single-stage belt drive, the Airdyne Pro bike responds to an exerciser’s power, and helps to reduce wasted energy for more efficient, effective workouts.

    Calibration Technology
    One of the most valuable features of the Airdyne Pro bike is that you can calibrate the bike before each ride to help ensure that you get more accurate data during your workout.
    Because measuring your power output is affected by variable atmospheric conditions like temperature, altitude and humidity, a quick calibration is the best way to track your training measurements and progress.

    Solid Construction
    The long-lasting performance of the Airdyne bike is a testament to its solid, heavy-duty construction. Built to take a beating with a double-coated steel body, the AirdyneX bike has a moisture-repellent frame to endure the toughest sweat sessions, year after year.
    For the ultimate stability, the frame platform is equipped with structural support and four contact levelers.

    HIIT Training
    With HIIT, users tackle short bursts of all-out effort, followed by brief recovery. Then do it again and again, and they can enjoy powerful conditioning, a faster metabolism and better results.
    The AirdyneX bike features invigorating workouts like 20/10 Interval, 30/90 Interval or custom interval routines that motivate users to achieve more and improve their fitness level.

    Low Impact Cardio
    Beginning exercisers, or those recovering from and injury, benefit from low-impact, total-body cardio workouts on the AirdyneX bike. Because users control the pace and resistance at all times, they decide how the ride feels. With the familiarity and ease of use of the Airdyne bike, everyone can customize workouts to meet their goals.

    Minimum Time. Max Results
    Total-body workouts are superior when it comes to users increasing their ROI. Because users are the motor on the AirdyneX bike, they determine the intensity level and amount of resistance. Users can settle into steady-state cardio or take on interval training for a variety of workouts that challenge the body and help achieve their goals.


    Product Specs:

    Performance fan 27″ Fan (26-blades)Drive system Single Stage Belt DriveWeighted inertia ringSealed bearings at pivot pointsCommercial grade cranksMultiGrip handlebarsReinforced steel handlebarsMulti-position seatSeat adjustment knobs ConturedWater bottle holderReplaceable seatReplaceable pedalsCommercial grade stabilizer feet (levelers)Transport wheelsAir diverterLCD tachometer displayResistance levels Progressive Wind ResistanceQuick startQuick program keysPolar® wireless heart rate compatibleAuto calibrationSelf-poweredNumber of programs on console 9Basic ProgramsManualInterval Programs20/10 Interval30/90 IntervalCustom IntervalTime TargetCalorie TargetKilojoules TargetMiles TargetKilometers TargetMax user weight 350lbs(160Kg)Assembled Height 42.75″(108.6cm)Footprint (W x L) 26″ x 55″(66 x 140cm)Footprint – live area (W x L) 26″ x 55″(66 x 140cm)Product weight 113lbs(51Kg)Box Dimensions (L x W x H) 56″ x 16″ x 35″Box Weight 132lbs