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  • Lifefitness Commercial Gym Equipment plus 5lb-125lb Iron-Grip Dumbbells and 3 Sets of Iron-Grip urethane Plates

    $30,000.00 $25,000.00

    Life Fitness Commercial Gym Equipment +5lb-125lb Iron-Grip Dumbbells and plates. Great for someone wanting to start a gym or company to set up a gym for employees.


    Lifefitness Seated Leg Press

    Lifefitness Leg Extension

    Lifefitness Leg Curl

    Lifefitness Chest Press

    Lifefitness Hip & Glute

    Two Lifefitness Lat Pulldown and Low row ( combo)

    Seated Hammer Strength (4 way Neck)

    Lifefitness Commercial Treadmill 95t

    Two Lifefitness Commercial Upright bikes

    Two Lifefitness Ellipticals Model 9100

    Iron-Grip dumbbells 5lb-125lb with a 5lb Increment

    Three Freemotion Commercial Dumbbell Racks

    Three sets of Iron-Grip urethane Plates ( 6qty of 45lb , 6qty of 35lb, 6qty of 25lb, 6qty of 10lb, 12qty of 5lb and 6qty of 2.5lb plates)

    This transaction would set up your gym at 90%.

    Local pick up only. Buyer is responsible to pick up all items in two weeks after purchase to avoid a storage charge. We are however flexible once you call and make further extended pick up arrangements.