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  • Freemotion Quad Machine ( Gently Used)

    $1,499.99 $999.99
    Functional training the legs has never been this easy and convenient with the FreeMotion Quad Machine that delivers effective leg training and engages the front legs, knee and hip. Fitness facilities, Cross Fit camps and university training centers are equipped with this FreeMotion Quad Machine for delivering quality workout results to users.

    The FreeMotion Quad Machine is made to deliver with its correct design and function of engaging the stabilizer muscles in developing an exerciser’s strength. It features swivel pulleys for making sure that it can deliver a smoother travel for the cable and for delivering a virtually unlimited motion range to suit every user. More so, this unit boasts its extensive cable travel ability for allowing a full extension with a single leg movement up to 81 inches or 206 centimeters. It also has an enclosed weight stack for safety by limiting his access to its moving parts and comes with a stainless steel kick plate for protecting the quad system from damage and wear and tear.